The Cuatrogatos Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Miami, United States, by the writers Sergio Andricaín and Antonio Orlando Rodríguez to work in favor of culture and education. Among its main objectives are the research and study of Spanish-language publishing dedicated to children and young readers.

The Cuatrogatos Foundation Award was instituted in 2014 to contribute to the dissemination and reading of high-quality books created by Ibero-American writers and illustrators. Each year, after reading, analyzing, and discussing a broad and representative sample of fiction books for children and young people published in Spanish by small and large publishers in Ibero-America and the United States, a committee selects the winning titles of the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award.

These are 20 highly recommended books for their literary and artistic values that, according to our institution, deserve to have the widest possible dissemination. By awarding them this recognition, we aim to contribute to reaching the largest possible number of homes, schools, libraries, and other spaces where young readers can encounter works of the highest quality.

As a result of this work, in addition to the 20 winning books and the finalists, we disseminate a list of 100 works recommended by our Cuatrogatos Foundation.

In the tab of each book appears a suggestion about who can be your possible readers. This should be seen only as a general guidance. Instead of grouping books by ages or grades of schooling of their recipients, we prefer to use five categories which refer to different levels in the reader’s training process. They are:


For the little ones who can ™t read

Books for prelectors, which requires the presence of an adult intermediary to help children relate to both written text and illustrations. 

For those who start reading

Simple language and structure books, which allow the child to explore their newly acquired skill as a stand-alone reader. Books that you can read independently or with the supervision and support of an adult mediator.

For those who took off as readers

Literary works of greater elaboration and requirement, which can be enjoyed by those who already can read with ease and have gained confidence in their skills.

For those who dare with challenging books

Books for brave readers, who are not intimidated by the complexity of the works or by its extension. Proposals that demand a greater commitment from the reader in his capacity as co-creator of the literary text.

For those who became great readers

Works that can captivate and enrich an experienced reader, capable of facing all kinds of challenges related to both formal construction and content. Books-bridges to move to the universe of adult literature.